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Normandy! A land of picturesque half-timbered houses, lush green pastures and apples orchards.
A land of rich culinary tradition based on its fine local products: butter, cream, world famous cheeses and of course...apples !
Normandy is also a country of rich historic and architectural heritage, located in "Pays d'Auge". Nestled in the green heart of Normandy stands the Château du Breuil. 
This attractive slate-roofed château was built in the 16th and 17th centuries and the home of nobility. 
Among the note-worthy families that lived in the castle are the Bouquetots, the Montgomerys, the young "Tancrède de Rohan", the Bences.
Listed as an historical monument, the Château has been entirely restored by its new owners who have been distilling spirits for three generations.


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The apple is the basic ingredient to make quality Calvados.
The mild and damp weather and clayed soil of the Pays d'Auge give the Château du Breuil ideal growing conditions for its 22,000 apple trees which surround the castle.
The Château du Breuil company produces its own cider, coming from a 100% natural fermentation. 
Their know-how and experience are the strengths of the Château du Breuil which gives priority to high quality rather to quantity. 
When cider has reached its proper flavour, distillation can start...




New ! See our apples harvest "live" from our orchards ! (only for groups on booking)
When you will arrive at the Château during October and November, a tour guide will lead you to one of our two orchards. 
On the spot you will attend the apple harvest commented by our Orchards Manager. Shaking the trees, gathering the apples, 
choosing the best quality and maturity, sorting and cleaning... You will know all about our “cider-apples”. This visit will so add a 
perfect and original touch to your Château du Breuil guided tour.
For more information, do not hesitate to contact us


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The distillation process takes place between the beginning of winter and June 30th of the following year. 
To make one liter of Calvados 100% pure alcohol, about 27 kg apples or 20 liters of 5% volume cider are necessary.
Unlike Calvados "AOC", Calvados with the AOC "Pays d'Auge" requires cider apples produced in Pays d'Auge area and a double distillation. 
It makes a finer Calvados, due to the quality of apples produced by the local soil, and to the elimination of the roughiest parts of the alcohol during the distillations.
The Château du Breuil makes AOC Pays d'Auge Calvados only.

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In the cellars, Calvados ages only in oak casks. The Château du Breuil company chooses its barrels carefully, because the kind, size and age play a very important part in the quality of ageing. 
The subtle exchanges between wood, air and alcohol give Calvados its smooth flavour and bouquet. Each Calvados is different, each cellar master has his own jealously guarded secret. 
The delicate and perfect tastes of our Calvados depend less on their old age than on the success of its blending, created by Château du Breuil's cellar master.

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