Rum Explorer Trinidad (Limited Edition)

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Short description

This Rum aged 3 to 5 years, distilled by Angostura, offers elegant notes of candied orange, cocoa and coconut. 

Basic profile: there are notes of cocoa, glove and coconur. The mouth is quite short but very supple.

Distillery: the most awarded rum in the world. On the planet Rum, Angostura has a special place. Indeed, it's the only distillery in Trinidad. The Angostura rums owe their character to their unique fermentation process. It must be noted that the yeasts developed by Robert Siegert in 1949 are still being used today. 

The refining by our Cellar Master: the Madeira cask harmonises the flavours and brings density and aromatic power. Then the Bourbon cask comes and softens the rum in order to balance its structure. At last there's an elegant note of candied orange, that gives depth and roundness. 

Capacity of the bottle: 70cl

Alcohol proof: 41°


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