Rum Explorer Belize (Limited Edition)

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This rum aged 2/3 years, distilled by Travellers, offers spicy notes and roundness. 

Basic profile: these rums are quite tonic, with spicy and cooked banana notes. There is a bit of dryness on the finish.

Distillery: for its rums, Travellers Distillers uses high-quality molasse with a natural fermentation, together with a double distillation process for a smoother taste. Travellors Liquors is specialized in the production of older dark rhums. They are distilled from fermented molasse and then aged into carbonized oak casks. Traveller Distillers uses local molasse, fermented and distilled in a triple column still.

The refining by our Cellar Master: the American oak cask which has previously contained a Cognac-based spirit enhances the aromas and softens the wooden flavours, that brings depth in mouth. There are some notes of candied fruits, dried grapes and cinnamon. Thanks to the refining, the Cellar Manager has succeded in bringing some roundness and well-balanced tannins.

Capacity of the bottle: 70cl

Alcohol proof: 41°


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