Rum Explorer Guyana (Limited edition)

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This rum aged 2/5 years, distilled by Demerara Distillers, offers some notes of candied fruits, power and roundness in mouth.

Basic profile: there are some notes of candied fruits, liquorice, banana flambée et a bit of rancio.

Distillery: the Demerara Distillers' history has started in 1670, when each sugar plantation had its own rum, and a group of producers of sugar cane has decided to create a cooperative for exporting. After years of consolidation and fusion, there is now one distillery only in Diamond on the eastern shore of the Demerara. The distillery produces a "High Easter" rum, very concentrated, in a small stil especially provided for that purpose.

The refining by our Cellar Master: the Sherry Oloroso cask harmonises the notes of rancio with the notes of red and dried fruits. The rancio aromas slowly disappear to develop into red fruits and nice notes of nuts. This rum becomes more silky, with a nice roundness and some natural sweetness.

Capacity of the bottle: 70cl

Alcohol proof: 41°


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